Avenues. Playlist for concentration.

Listen to our selection of modern classical, ambient & electronic music, perfect for concentration.

The playlist features 11 artists: Ceeys, Matt Bowdler, Nathan Shubert, Peter Sandberg, Piano Novel, Dear Gravity, Carlos Cipa, Niklas Paschburg, Yosi Horikawa, Sonder and Leifur James.

You can find Spotify, Deezer and Youtube links down below.

Ceeys – ‘Hiddensee’

We kick off our playlist with ‘Hiddensee’, a wonderful piece by Ceeys (in real life: brothers Sebastian and Daniel Selke), from their fourth album, also titled ‘Hiddensee’ (Neue Meister, 2019).

Matt Bowdler – ‘Gravure’

‘Gravure’ is Matt Bowdler’s first single released via Waterway Records. Matt is a composer and sound designer in London (and has in the past released his music under the name of ‘The Unfinished’). These new songs from him are gentle, delicate and do sound finished.

Nathan Shubert – ‘When You Take Off Your Shoes’

Nathan Shubert’s ‘When You Take Off Your Shoes’ (Bigo & Twigetti) is one the best neo-classical albums of 2019. Given what he says, we can reasonably expect that his next album is also going to be more ‘sad guy music’.

Peter Sandberg – ‘Motion’

Peter Sandberg, a Sweden-based artist, won critical acclaim for his debut album ‘Motion’, released in March 2019 via Phases Records (home also to Alex Kozobolis, Paddy Mulcahy and Erland Cooper). The eponymous track is a true gem, listen and see for yourself:

Piano Novel – ‘Scintillations’

Mesmerizing beauty of the music combined with stunning visuals. Piano Novel stands out from the crowd with his track ‘Scintillations’. (Sony Music, 2019).

Dear Gravity – ‘Departure, Pt. I // Canvas’

‘Departure, Pt. I // Canvas’ is a touching ambient/electronic track from Dear Gravity. You can find it on their album titled ‘Departure’, the first instalment of the ‘Pilgrimage Series’ (Blue Echoes Music, 2019).

Carlos Cipa – ‘Fragile Window’

Almost 5-minute long, beautiful, mature piano piece from Carlos Cipa, included on his 2017 EP titled ‘Sculptures’ (1631 Recordings). Top notch.

Niklas Paschburg – ‘Dawn’

Young (b. 1994) and highly talented Niklas Paschburg released his debut single ‘Dawn’ in 2014 on the Unperceived Records label (the track was also included on his ‘Tuut mang Welten’ EP from 2016).

Yosi Horikawa – ‘Stars’

‘Stars’ was the first single from ‘Vapor’, Yosi Horikawa’s 2013 album from First Word Records. As he put it, his music ‘gets mistaken for healing music quite a lot’.

Sonder – ‘Care’

Sonder is a collaboration project of three artists: Brent Faiyaz (Christopher Brent Wood), Atu and Dpat. In 2017 they self-released they debut EP titled ‘Into’. ‘Care’ is very nice and warm, almost an R&B track.

Leifur James – ‘Mumma Don’t Tell’

We finish off with ‘Mumma Don’t Tell’, a subtle jazzy/electronic piece from London-base composer Leifur James. The track comes from his 2018 album, ‘A Louder Silence’ (Night Time Stories).

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